The 2080 Monthly – #46 of 743

When thinking about humanity’s trajectory to 2080 and beyond, we have focused on the difference between Earth systems and Human systems.

Both have their own rules and laws.

Changing Human system rules and laws
is easier than
changing Earth system rules and laws.

Frustration has been building.

If we see things that aren’t going “right”, what can be done? If we restrict our analysis to Earth and Human systems, we are just observers, describing what is happening.
A third category is needed: the Individual.

Individually and collectively, we all contribute to the “Human system”; through our presence, attention and action. And in contributing to the Human system, we are also affecting the relationship between the Human and Earth system.

So, if we see things that aren’t going “right” – be it in society or the environment – and want to have any hope at “making things right”, it is our individual presence, attention and action where we need to start.

In relation to our the quality of our individual presence, attention and actions, Nancy Kline’s perspective is important:

The quality of everything we do
depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.

The quality of our thinking
depends on the way we treat each other
while we are thinking.

Nany Kline, Time to Think